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Ziacpay Online is a web enabled software for the Payroll Management.This cloud offering is designed & developed by Ziac Software Pvt. Ltd. with the latest technologies. The application is a result of sheer hardwork of professionals with a vast knowledge of experience in the accounting domain acquired by real time exposure to the business industry. This application is hosted in world class data centers and can be accessed online with just through internet and secure authentication.The data is securely stored on the central database server and can be optionally shared with others. Ziac being a pioneer of formula builder technology easily handles multiple & different pay structures with its powerful formula builder option. Ziacpay generates monthly and annual statutory reports of PF, ESI, PT and IT of both softcopy and hardcopy. The monthly statutory calculation of Provident Fund (PF), Employee State Insurance (ESI), Profession Tax (PT) and Income Tax (IT) is also taken care off. Ziacpay has a built in Report builder to create reports in tabular format. The reports generated can also be exported to excel.