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Multi Company
Maintains more than one company using the same software
Login Security
Multiple and secured Login access into the software. User defined rights to for entry into different sections of the software and user defined access rights.
Records Employee’s Personal Information. Employee’s educational background, previous work experience, family background, Emergency contacts, languages known, hobbies, vehicles owned information, show cause notices issued, date of birth, joining, confirmation and leaving.
User definable slabs structures for Allowances / Deductions like Profession Tax etc. The values for the different slab ranges can be either a flat amount or percentage.
Payroll Components
User definable payroll components like allowances, deductions, loans, adhoc allowances/ deductions, income Tax Savings, Infrastructure, variables like overtime hours, canteen tokens etc.
Pay Structure and Job Details
Records Employee’s Department, Designation, Cost Center / Group, Immediate Superior, Mode of Payment, Pay Slip Calculation type etc. Creates pay scale of the employee with user defined Basic Pay, Allowances / Deductions. These Allowances/ Deductions can be referred group formulas or individual entries.
Income Tax
Employee’s Income Tax details such as PAN No. Rent paid for the Year, Savings, Infrastructure Savings, Other Income, Other Deduction etc are recorded. Employee’s Previous work Salary details are recorded. Employee’s perquisites such as Company Leased Accommodation, Company Leased Vehicle, Utilities, Servant Salary paid etc are recorded
Pay slip
Pay slips generation can be automatic or manual along with information for income tax calculation, arrears calculation and values for different variables needed to evaluate the allowances and deductions. Printing of Pay slips in different formats, along with the Over time list, Income tax Calculation List etc
Salary Register
Allows the user to create his own reports with the required columns and rows The salary register can be parameterized to give summaries, group wise, department wise, grade wise reports along with PF remittance and ESI remittance.